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Alexis Love video – On the floor

Another fresh week and time for one more superb Alexis Love video to be delivered to you guys today. As a direct continuation of last week’s scene, today you get to see the slutty and sexy babe taking more hard cock inside her wet cunt. We wanted to deliver this then as well, but sadly it didn’t fit and it would have made the whole thing too big. Well either way you get to see some more of your favorite sexy brunette as she gets a nice and proper dicking.

And for this whole scene, you get to see the sexy little slut as she lays on her belly on the floor, while the guy goes wild on her cunt. Watch her taking a nice and hard cock pounding on the floor from the guy, and watch this sexy woman as she moans in pleasure of the hard pussy treatment that she’s receiving for today. As always we’re hoping that you enjoyed your stay, and this lovely woman’s sex scenes, and make sure you return next week for more of this gorgeous anal angel. Also don’t forget to check out her past updates as well. you won’t be disappointed one bit!

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Alexis Love – Hardcore fuck video

Hi there once more guys and gals. As you know the slutty and sexy Alexis Love is you host for all of her superb and hot fuck scenes. And today she comes back with yet another superb and sexy Alexis Love videos update to entice you. Once more she gets to have her eager cunt thoroughly worked by a big cock and an eager dude as she needs a nice and hard fucking today. And as you know she always has that special guy that she calls on when she needs her tight pussy worked on and pleased. She just needs to say that she’s in the mood and he’s already on his way to her place. Well let’s just sit back and watch this cutie getting her fill of cock once more.

The cameras start to roll, and once more she greets the dude with a big smile on her face, getting all over him as soon as he enters the door. She was even wearing a nice and sexy little thong panty as she answered the door and nothing else. And you can bet that that means this horny woman will fuck you nice and hard for as long as she wants to. Watch her as she spreads her legs once more for this dude as she has him go balls deep in her dripping wet pussy for this afternoon. Watch her as she takes a nice and thorough pussy pounding in front of the cameras today and enjoy every second of her video everyone! If you liked this video cum inside the blog and have fun watching another naughty babe like Alexis getting hammered!

Alexis Love anal penetration

Yet again, our hottie returns with a threesome sex session today. And joining her is her good buddy as always. The blonde with short hair always seems to be the one that Alexis counts on, and frankly it’s a good thing too since they both share the same big thirst for hard core sex. In this update you will also get to see some Alexis Love anal scenes as the lusty and sexy brunette, who is looking just like Dani Jensen, another gorgeous teen model, along with her friend present their tight asses to this lucky dude to fuck. It seems that the ladies can never get enough sex and let’s just say that if you followed our lovely brunette thus far, you will know that the two ladies will give the guy a run for his money tonight!

As the scene starts off, the lovely women can be seen setting the mood a bit better first of all, as the guy watches them kiss and caress one another’s superb bodies. Then they do their trademark double blowjob for him as they want him nice and hard for their tight holes. So watch them deep throat and slurp that big man meat today just for your viewing pleasure. Then watch closely as Alexis is the first one to take that meat pole in her ass today followed by her short haired buddy. You can be sure that the guy was worn out by the end, as these two made sure to fuck him nice and hard for this superb sex session today. Enjoy and goodbye!


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Alexis giving a sloppy bowjob

Time for some more fresh and new Alexis Love videos today. For this scene, sexy miss Alexis has a nice show to put on as she brings you her little movie clip. Today she was at a massage parlor and she went there not for the massage itself, but because of her favorite masseur. She always convinces him to give her a happy end to her session and the dude delivers every time. Well this time she was even more ready to take his cock for a nice ride as you will get to see just like in Craving Carmen blowjob scene.


As the cameras start to roll you can see Alexis as she lays all naked on her belly, while the dude works every inch of her hot and perky body today. And he takes great care to not miss her ass and pussy as well. And the happy ending comes as well, as the sexy woman tells him that she needs her lovely pussy massaged to, but only his cock would do the trick. So watch the hottie as she sucks his big cock, and watch her take his big dick in her pussy for today’s scene everyone. As always, we hope you enjoyed it and see you next time!

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Sharing cock and licking pussy

Well, it seems that Alexis was up to no good once more. In this update she has another follow up to her having a nice Alexis Love threesome with her female buddy with short hair. These two paired together, as you know do the naughtiest stuff, and today was such a day. They would do just like last time you saw them and try to flank a lucky dude as they want to take his cock for a nice ride. And this time they went down to the club in their little hunt for cock, and as you can see they were pretty much successful in getting a nice and hot stud to go back home with them and fuck them as much as they want him to for tonight.

So let’s just sit back and enjoy the show that the sexy cuties have in store for you along with this lucky dude today. Was soon as they reach the apartment, the horny women lock the door behind them, and throw the guy on the couch, where they make fast work of his clothes. You will get to see these two hotties as once more they do a unforgettable double blow job for a lucky dude. And just like they did last time, watch them be good little sluts as they share the dude’s big cock. You’ll also get to see Alexis rubbing her friend’s pussy as it’s getting fucked and she moans in pleasure. Enjoy it and do come back next week for some more! Also you might visit the site and see a beautiful blonde getting fucked!


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Amazing Alexis Love blowjob

Another fresh week, and time for you to see one more awesome update. In this week’s scene miss Love has for you one superb and fresh Alexis Love blowjob session. She got together with a guy that was packing quite a large cock and she just had to get all over this one. It proved a bit of a challenge, but like always, this cute woman who is looking just like busty Daphne Rosen absolutely adores to test herself. So let’s just sit back and watch the lovely Alexis as she tried to satisfy her lust for sex with this guy and his big man meat today. We can tell you that you’ll be in for a great show!


As the scene starts, you get to see lovely miss Alexis as she’s down on her knees wearing only hr panties, and eager to get things started. Watch this cute and sexy little lady as she does her best to fit that bit and hard cock in her hungry mouth today and watch her suck on the huge meat pole with her juicy and luscious lips. Well you’ll get to see just how well she did, and you’ll also get to see this cutie try to fit that cock inside her pussy as well. Enjoy!

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Sexy Alexis riding a cock

Today it’s time for some more Alexis Love videos and as always you get to see them first. In this update you get to see the lovely and cute Alexis as she puts her womanly charms to work in order to seduce a guy and get him in her bed for the afternoon. Well her living room, and all over the place would be more accurate but whatever. She was at this VIP party and one guy caught her eye. Well you know her, she is just like slutty Jade Laroche so when she gets her head set on something, she’ll do anything to get it, and it was the same with this stud for the afternoon.

She eventually made him come back to her apartment as they left the party and once inside her place, all inhibitions were left aside. This naughty woman was very horny and they ended up having sex all over the place in all manners  of hot positions. As all nice sex sessions start off, she gave him a nice and deep blowjob as she sucked on his big cock. Not that she needed to get him hard, because he was already. But just as a sign that she really wants him. Watch her as she gets her long sexy legs spread and pussy fucked balls deep in front of the cameras today!


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Alexis Love threesome fun

For this fresh and new week, your resident slutty brunette comes back to you with even more fresh and hot content. And for this scene she has a very hot and sexy Alexis Love threesome scene to present to you. She got her buddy to help her out with a cock today, and you may recognize that sexy woman’s face. She was here in a past update, engaging in some lesbian fun with miss Love. Well rest assured that both women love cocks and pussy just the same, and so her buddy was more than okay with the idea to share a big cock with her best friend for this afternoon. The ladies picked up this lucky guy at a bar, and they took him home.


As one might imagine, they didn’t have too much work ahead of them in order to get the guy interested. And that’s because both of them were dressed super slutty and they were very much in the mood to have their little eager cunts fucked. Sure enough as soon as they reached back to Alexis’s place, the ladies take the guy’s pants off as they start to suck on his cock to get him all nice and hard. And when they were done with that, you get to see the hotties as they present the guy with their horny cunts. Watch as the lucky stud gets to take turns fucking these two cuties today. We hope that you enjoyed the show and we’ll be returning next week with more! For similar content, enter the nacho vidal hardcore blog and see other cock hungry teens getting their tight pussies fucked by Nacho’s big fat cock!

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Hardcore doggy style sex

Hey there once more everyone, your favorite petite porn star comes back once more this fine day with some more fresh stuff for you. Once more she’s here with a superb Alexis Love videos set in this update and she’s more than eager to show them off to you. If you remembered her first update you will notice that she got the same guy to drop by her place again today to have sex with him. Let’s just say that now these two have become good fuck buddies, and Alexis always makes use of him when her pussy is in need of some more hard cock to please it. And so she gave him a call saying that she’s really in the mood to get some cock.

As you can imagine, the dude didn’t think twice about her proposition. He just said he’d be right over and bolted to her place. Well to be fair, you need to be an idiot to deny this sexy lady her cock when she’s really in the mood. As soon as he got to her place, she just grabbed him and pulled him inside, as she started to kiss him and take off his clothes. They went for it straight in the living room as this cutie bent over and presented the guy with her lovely ass and pussy. And you just need to see this guy fucking her pussy hard from behind as she moans in pleasure. Well that’s about it for this one, but you can expect her to return next week with more! Also you might enter the czechstreets blog and see other beautiful chicks getting their tight cunts fucked!


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Alexis Love lesbian encounter

Hey there guys, today miss Love has some more superb scenes to show off to you of herself and her sexual adventures one more time. In this update our lovely and slutty little brunette goes for a Alexis Love lesbian scene with her female friend today and you get to see every tiny little detail of their little all woman sex session. As you know you will always get front row seats to this sexy woman’s shows and today wasn’t about to be an exception. So without further due, let’s just sit back and enjoy her content guys!


Alexis and her friend make their entry wearing some nice and sexy lingerie sets and they start off the photo shoot by teasing you with their superb bodies as they show off their curves. These hot lesbians are looking just like the chicks from videos, so  watch them engage into a nice and slow passionate kissing session for you, and then watch them as they start to undress one another. Watch them have fun with one another as they also start to lick each other’s pussies to please themselves. We hope that you enjoyed the content that miss Alexis delivers to you today and we will be seeing you guys next time with even more of her content!

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